Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ask, and You Shall Recieve

In the world of fundraising, you never get what you want on the first call…or the first time you ask. At least that’s what I thought. Last week, an email came to us at MKAP from our GC, asking the group to source some loam at a very, very, very affordable price (free?). This kind of material sourcing has gone on daily since the ground-breaking a few weeks ago.

We made two calls for loam that day with no luck. The next day we developed a short list of three new suppliers, and I made the first call. The Green Connection Inc. in Scituate was first on my list. As the phone rang, I took a deep breath- I’m not the best at asking for free stuff.

Laura Nielsen, a Marshfield resident, answered the phone and asked how I was. Her voice put me at ease, so I came right out and said, “I’m a little tense because I am about to ask you for a lot of free loam.” We talked, I explained the project, and she asked me how much we would need? We estimated 100 yards of topsoil, but we could mix in a good amount of compost, so I went for 50 yards to start. She responded… “No problem Tony”. I called our GC back to confirm how much we would need, and he suggested 60 yards of loam. When I called Laura back, she responded again, “Sure, no problem, we can do the whole 60. When do you need it?”

Yesterday…less than a week later, we were ready for loam and there it was …being delivered on site, for free, with one phone call to the Green Connection. Now imagine this happening over and over again, behind the scenes, since this project began. Go to Library Plaza and look at all the work that has been achieved with little or no cost for labor, and most materials given at cost or donated. (Stay tuned to this blog for more of these stories.) During these economic times, its amazing to see how our community has come together to support a project for our kids.

Tony Pina, AIA

Monday, October 26, 2009

Patience, children

Hello all,

Progress is being made on our Phase I site work at Library Plaza. Be sure, if you get a chance to swing by and shout out a thanks to the folks you see working there. The contractors and subs are all donating their time and most of the materials. We are so lucky to live in a town where so many care. . .

That said, my young grow inpatient. I came downstairs bleary eyed Saturday morning to find them playing with their blocks. When asked what they were building, they told me "the new playground. It has eight tire swings and a climbing wall." The reality-not quite, but it will be pretty cool!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Update

I know! Took me long enough!! We had a great groundbreaking. The weather held out, thank God, and the band, T-6 came through with twelve hours notice to them (no exageration). We had cake, balloons and tunes. As an added bonus, we sold FIFTY bricks that day!!! Almost doubling our previous total. Thanks to all that came out in support of the Project. It's so fun to see some action at the site.

So, thanks in particular to:
The Rock Stars that I call the Marshfield Kids at Play, Inc. board of directors.
The Playground Committee
Shaws for providing grub and beverages
Buy the for providing bottled water
Family Crest Catering for donating a tent
T-6 for setting the day to music
Brait Bros for providing our fabulous hard hats and sparkling shovels
Nancy and Tricia for pitching in that day, not to mention Jamie's husband Wayne and my own husband for taking on cake cutting duties.
and to ANYONE else I may have forgotten ,thank you, and rest assured I will sit bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night one of the next few nights, cursing a blue streak because I forgot to mention you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More on Groundbreaking~

So, let's sum up.

THIS Saturday, 11:30 a.m. Rain or shine (LOTS of cake, cannot go to waste! We have a big tent).

Cake and juice, giant bags of balloons to be released by kids selected from the crowd.

AND it looks like we've lined up a GREAT band!! More on them to follow.

It'll be lots of fun


Groundbreaking Sale on Bricks --$75 for up to three words, that is 25% off the regular price and we are throwing in a free MKAP t-shirt to boot! We are going to be able to take credit cards through paypal (I'm told you don't need an account) and checks for this deal.

Groundbreaking Sale on Granite--$750 (also 25% off, limit 20 characters)

Get the Granite Challenge--Get us a granite sponsor get yourself TWO free 4x8 bricks!

Look forward to seeing you all there and listen for me on WATD on Friday at 9am for more info!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ground Breaking!!

It's here, it's finally here!!!

Join us, Saturday, Oct 10th, 11:30 a.m. for the official groundbreaking ceremony (I call it a party, ceremony just seems stuffy) for the playground at Library Plaza. We're having cake and juice, unveiling the sign, and are trying to put together a balloon release and some tunes for the kiddos. This is a quicky one so we can all make it over to the Chamber of Commerce Octoberfest at the Fairgrounds. I just love fall.

OH, and by the WAY, introducing our Groundbreaking Sale!!! We are discounting our brick sales to $75 if you keep to three words up until October 12th. You can buy online or print and mail the form OR at the groundbreaking itself OR at Octoberfest (we are nothing, if not accommodating). As I've mentioned 10 or 15,000 times, we are still about $40,000 short for this project to be completed so no time like the present to open those wallets!!

So, this will be a great family event, finally making this whole thing we've been talking about for so long REAL. Come out and join us. . .


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Introducing the Get-the-Granite Challenge!

Hi gang,

It is with great pleasure (and great optimism) that I introduce the Get-the-Granite Challenge. As you may or may not know, the walkway to the playground will be lined with sand colored granite that is available in three-foot pieces for sponsorship. A couple of enterprising folks (thank you Kerry W.) have secured sponsorship for the granite through their employers. However, other than those few, granite sales have been slow. Hence, the challenge. And here it is:

Secure a Granite sponsor (available for $1000, engraved up to 30 characters or so) and here are the perks:

(1) One granite sponsor, gets you two 4x8 bricks for FREE

(2) Two granite sponsors, gets you one 8x8 tile, located right at the entrance, for FREE

(3) Five granite sponsors, gets you your own piece of granite.

Perk to the employer, is that it is a tax write off as we are a tax exempt organization!!

I'm attaching a super pretty image that shows the granite and the bricks. It is a great selling piece. If you need color copies, let me know and I can get them to you, or email them electronically. So contact your boss, your spouse's boss, your brother or sister's boss, your law firm, your doctor's office, your dentist. . . you get the idea. Anyone you can think of. We need some heroes!!!



Monday, September 28, 2009

Loving Fall

MKAP had a great time at Farm Day on Saturday, despite the massive, had to be seen, swarms of mosquitoes. We sold some bricks and some t-shirts and collected donations, making just over $600 for the project. . . Still a long road to go, but progress is progress.

If you missed us and are hoping for a chance to purchase bricks (and don't want to deal with the online order process) then be sure to come to Octoberfest at the Fairgrounds! We were there last year, and what a blast. The kids all had a great time, with a huge line of the little buggers waiting to ride a small train around the grounds.

So, be sure to join us and bring your checkbooks! We are struggling as to how to accept credit/debit card payments in person, so bear with us!